Research Groups


Prof. Robert H. Blick

Semiconductor Physics

We fabricate and apply hybrid nano-structures for integrated nano-bio devices as well as other hybrids, such as topological insulators combined with semiconducting materials or metals.


Prof. Dr. Hansen

Epitaxial Nanostructures

We investigate both the epitaxial growth and the electronic properties of functional semiconductor structures…


Prof. Dr. HUSE

Condensed Phase Dynamics

The Condensed Phase Dynamics Group studies transformations of matter in molecules, nanostructures, and in the solid state by employing a wide range of ultrafast state-of…


Prof. Dr. Oepen

Surface Physics



Prof. Dr. Parak


The research focus of the AG Biophotonics are nano-and microsystems and their application to neighboring ones areas such as biology, medicine and electronics.


Prof. Dr. Koziej

Hybrid Nanostructures

The Hybrid Nanostructures Lab was established in August of 2017 at the Institute for Nanostructure and Solid State Physics (INF) of University …